Santa Clara County Issues New Evacuation Warning to Watershed Areas of the Uvas Reservoir, Pacheco Pass River Basin and HWY 101 and Bolsa Road


Heavy Rains, Strong Winds, Flooding, Falling Trees, Power Outages, and Shallow Mudslides Are All Possible Dangers

SANTA CLARA COUNTY, CALIF. – The County of Santa Clara has issued evacuation warnings to community members residing in the watershed areas of the Uvas Reservoir, Pacheco Pass River Basin and HWY 101 and Bolsa Rod due to the weather conditions and potential risks of flooding to the general public and property. 

The prolonged stretch of winter storms has brought heavy rain and high winds to the region. These unusual rain levels have created impacts that include soils near or at their saturation point, creeks, streams, and rivers reaching or exceeding flood stage, and low-lying area experiencing flooding, including road crossings. There is also an increased risk of rocks and sediments dislodging from the hillsides. Driving will be challenging during periods of gusty winds, especially for high-profile vehicles, including emergency response vehicles.


Pacheco Pass River Basin for those living in the areas of: 

  • El Toro Rd South of HWY 152 to Bloomfield Ave
  • Lovers Lane between Shore Rd and HWY 152

Watershed Areas of the Uvas Reservoir include those living:

  • South of Uvas Reservoir including Thousand Trails RV Park and Uvas Pines RV Park
  • South of Sycamore Drive and Watsonville Rd
  • Homes south of Lions Peak
  • South of Day Road and Geri Lane
  • Watsonville and HWY 152

HWY 101 and Bolsa Rd.

  • South of Hwy 152, East of Hwy 101. 
  • South of Pacheco Pass (Hwy 152) and East of Hwy 101. 
  • South of Luchessa Ave. and East of Thomas Rd. 
  • East of Santa Teresa Blvd. to Castro Valley Rd. 
  • North of Castro Valley Rd. to Luchessa Ave. 
  • North of Hwy 25 between Hwy 101 & Bloomfield Rd.   
  • West of Bloomfield Ave. between Hwy 25 & Pacheco Pass (Hwy 152)
  • East of Hwy 101 to Pacheco Pass (Hwy 152) 

Community members living in these areas should gather their household members, pets, personal items, important documents, prescription medication, change of clothes, non-perishable foods, water, extra batteries, flashlights, and phone chargers.  They should prepare to evacuate to a safe location.

Community members are also encouraged to stay off the roads, creek beds, waterways and fast moving waters. For more information on the winter storm event, please go to


About the County of Santa Clara’s Joint Information Center
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