Reaching Our Access and Functional Needs Community

Your needs matter. YOU matter! Our office continues making necessary improvements to include Santa Clara County Community members with Access and Functional Needs (AFN). In 2022, we completed the Access and Functional Needs Annex and have integrated AFN into the County's Emergency Operations Plans and the various functional annexes. 

We also continue incorporating alt text into our graphics, making our messages readable by readers. Please continue to check back regularly for updates. 


Defining Access and Functional Needs (AFN)

FEMA’s Office of Disability Integration and Coordination defines the term “others with Access and Functional Needs” (AFN) as individuals who may have additional needs before, during and after an incident in functional areas, including but not limited to maintaining independence, communication, transportation, supervision, and maintain health (C-MIST). Individuals needing additional response assistance may include those with disabilities; live in institutionalized settings, are seniors; are children; are from diverse cultures; have limited English proficiency or non-English speaking, or are transportation disadvantaged.”

The California Government Code Section 8593.3 defines Access and Functional Needs as “Individuals who have: Developmental, intellectual, or physical disabilities; Chronic conditions or injuries; Limited English proficiency or non-English speaking; Or individuals who are: older adults, children, or pregnant; living in institutional settings; or Low-income, homeless, and/or transportation disadvantaged.”

The Santa Clara County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is in alignment with both FEMA and the California Government Code Section 8593.3. It uses the C-MIST framework to integrate vulnerable populations in all aspects of Emergency Management.

CMIST Framework

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