For People with Access and Functional Needs (AFN)

We all have unique needs and abilities and each one of us can take actions to get ready to face an emergency or disaster. Persons with access and functional needs include multi-lingual communities, families with infants and children, older adults, persons with disabilities, and persons experiencing homelessness.

This page provides resources to help enhance independence and readiness through emergency preparedness. 


Learn how to get tested, stay safe, and slow the spread.


Isolation & Quarantine Support

Santa Clara County COVID-19 Support Team provides resources to County residents who test positive for COVID-19 or are identified as contacts to a positive case to enable them to isolate or quarantine safely. The Isolation and Quarantine Support Services provide community members with the following resources:  

  • Rental and utility bill assistance
  • Grocery that honor dietary requirements
  • Medical check-ins
  • Cleaning supplies and face coverings [for yourself and any personal care assistant]
  • Transportation to and from hospital and doctor’s appointments [including paratransit options]
  • Mental health support
  • Assistance in multiple languages
  • A hotel/motel room with clean linens and laundry service [with options for personal care assistants and service animals to shelter with you]

To learn more about the three main components of the program, please read the County’s Isolation and Quarantine Guidance or call the Isolation & Quarantine Support Program at (408) 808-7770.

    Video on Isolation vs Quarantine

    How to Prepare for Disasters and Emergencies

    Sign up for County of Santa Clara’s alert and warning system

    • AlertSCC is a free and easy way to get emergency alerts sent directly to your cell phone or mobile device, landline, TTY device, or email.

    Video on We Prepare Everyday

    Make a plan to protect yourself, family, and friends

    Disasters change things. During a disaster situation you will most likely not have access to everyday conveniences. Think through every detail of your daily routine and make alternative plans.

    Write down your plan and keep copies of it in your emergency supply kits. Share your plan with your family, friends, caregivers, and everyone in your personal support network. 


    Travel and Evacuation


    Power Outages


    Emergency Supplies for Your Home and Car


    Grab and Go Emergency Supplies


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