We all have unique needs and abilities and each one of us can take action to get ready to face an emergency or disaster. Persons with access and functional needs include multi-lingual communities, families with infants and children, older adults, persons with disabilities, and persons experiencing homelessness.

It takes people like you who are committed to neighborhoods, churches, schools, and volunteer organizations to build resilient communities. People who are involved are the key to a disaster resilient community. A resilient community is one that can withstand a disaster and get back to normal quickly, even if normal isn’t the same as it was before. Remember, community preparedness starts at home. If you know that your family is prepared at home, you will be better able to help others in your community.


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Santa Clara County COVID-19 Support Team provides resources to County residents who test positive for COVID-19 or are identified as contacts to a positive case to enable them to isolate or quarantine safely. The Isolation and Quarantine Support Services provide community members with the following resources:  

  • Rental and utility bill assistance
  • Grocery that honor dietary requirements
  • Medical check-ins
  • Cleaning supplies and face coverings [for yourself and any personal care assistant]
  • Transportation to and from hospital and doctor’s appointments [including paratransit options]
  • Mental health support
  • Assistance in multiple languages
  • A hotel/motel room with clean linens and laundry service [with options for personal care assistants and service animals to shelter with you]

To learn more about the three main components of the program, please read the County’s Isolation and Quarantine Guidance or call the Isolation & Quarantine Support Program at (408) 808-7770.

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Emergency preparedness can be done in four simple steps and can be no cost. Start with what you already have at home then build from there. No cost emergency preparedness measures you can take now include placing copies of important documents in a waterproof bag or container, moving heavy or large items from the top shelf down to the bottom shelf or floor in case of an earthquake, and clearing the space surrounding your home of debris in case of wildfire. 

4 Steps AFN Card

Sign up for Alerts

Sign up for AlertSCC, the County of Santa Clara’s official alert and warning system. Alerts can include fire, earthquake, severe weather, crime incident that affects your neighborhood, and instructions during a disaster. Your information is safe, secure, and protected. Opt-out at any time.


Make A Plan

Emergency and disaster planning can be fun! Start by hosting a family trivia night to learn about the types of emergencies and disasters that may occur in your area and what you should do. Map several evacuation routes in case your primary route cannot be traveled and create a communications plan so you can contact each other should you become separated. You may also discuss your family’s unique needs. Every family is different and may require different needs.


Build Emergency Supply Kits

Two must have emergency supply kits are a Go Bag and Stay Kit. Both serve the same function and may contain the same supplies, but each have different purposes. Go Bags should be used when you are required to evacuate. A Stay Kit should be used when you are required to stay home.


Check On Neighbors

When you are prepared, you’re better positioned to help those around you including your friends, family, and neighbors. Talk with your neighbors, especially those who may require additional support during an emergency or disaster. Persons with access and functional needs may have transportation and mobility needs in case they cannot travel by wheelchair. Help them identify allied resources for transportation, food, and shelter needs. Families with infants and children may also require baby formulas and diapers. Prepare these items in advance. These are all things to consider when making your family’s emergency plan.

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Travel and Evacuation


Power Outages


Emergency Supplies for Your Home and Car


Grab and Go Emergency Supplies


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